Write reflection

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***Assignment for graded

Write a reflection on your writing.

Original instruction from the instructor:

Writing Process Questions:

1/ What aspects of your writing in the project are effective and why do you think they are effective? Please be specific: for example, rather than saying I used good examples, identify one or two examples that you used and explain why these examples are good ones.

2/ What do you think could be improved in your written project and how could it be improved? Again, please be specific. Rather than saying that, for example, your organization could be stronger, say what you might do to make it stronger.

3/ Briefly describe the process you used to write the project. Do you think the process you used was effective? Why or why not? Please consider not only the research that you conducted (if applicable) but also any planning, drafting, and revising that you did.

4/ Have you applied anything that you learned in previous WI courses, including English 1100 and 2201(or the equivalent if taken at another institution), to the writing that you have done in this course? What have you applied and how have you applied it?

The attached file is an assignment with feedback from the instructor and original assignment instruction.