Write a critical response paper on some part of Karen J. Warrens book “Ecofeminist Philosophy” based ONLY on chapters 1-6. You may rely on only one of the chapters, or you may use multiple chapters, but please confine the paper to chapters 1-6.

Please review BOTH of the uploaded files for complete instructions. Your paper NEEDS to be based on a book called “Ecofeminist Philosophy” by Karen J. Warren, and ONLY use chapters 1-6. The paper may be as short as 1000 words, or as long as 1700, but NOT less OR more.

Choose one of the paper topics included in the file titled “Potential Paper Topics.docx”.  Please make sure to use proper citations in the form of footnotes on each page where a citation is made (not endnotes!) and include a bibliography section at the end citing all works in alphabetical order. Please use the Chicago style of citation for all your citations, found here: https://morlingcollege.libguides.com/c.php?g=392518&p=2666527