World Religions Philosophy

Topic-Describe the relationship between the caste system (varna), the four stages of life (asrama), and the Hindu concept of dharma known collectively as Varnasrama Dharma. How does this system relate to the principles of Brahman, Atman and Karma … and how does it help one progress towards spiritual liberation (Moksha)?

The opening paragraph serves an introduction to your paper. It should contain a thesis statement and an explanation of your thesis. Your goal in this term paper is to critically analyze all the sides of the issue and then decide which position is best.

Presenting Arguments to Support the Thesis
Present three arguments supporting your thesis. Remember, the purpose of your paper is to convince the reader, in this case your professor (me!), to accept your thesis. Make a list of possible arguments. Do not repeat arguments. Each argument should be different, not a rehash of an earlier argument. Such tactics are guaranteed to irritate your prof. who will waste valuable time reading the same argument twice. Do not make assumptions. Do not make claims you cannot support, back up your arguments. Do not put more than one argument in a paragraph. After you have completed a draft of your paper, go back and check your arguments for fallacies.

Presenting Objections to the Thesis
Step into your opponent’s shoes for a while and ask yourself: what are some of the arguments against your thesis statement? Make a list of the objections or counterarguments. Select the three strongest objections to your thesis and formulate a counter argument position to your thesis.

Response to Objections to the Thesis
Respond to objections one at a time. If you numbered your counterarguments, refer to each one by its number; for example, Response to Objection 1. If the objection is a good one but you do not change your thesis, you should explain why the moral concerns that support your thesis statement are morally more compelling.

The conclusion sums up your paper. It should include the following:   

a restatement of the thesis
a brief summary of the arguments you used to support the thesis

Bibliography and Footnotes
Any references or works used from other sources should be cited in footnotes at the bottom of each page. Additionally, make a Bibliography (of sources, or Works Cited) used in composing the paper. Your Bibliography should include, at minimum, all the references mentioned in the footnotes.

Must have 8 sources