Weel 6 – Assignment: Discuss Effective Adaptive and Transformational Skills for Leaders

Your task this week is to compare the different types of leadership skills needed to manage different kinds of change.

Begin by reviewing several business stories in the news (e.g., Forbes, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review). From those, locate two examples of changes that would benefit from or were led by transformational leaders, and two examples of changes were more in need of adaptive leadership.

Prepare a chart that compares the differences between these four examples. Be sure to include at least the following:

Name of the organization
Industry changes taking place
Who the leaders were
How the leaders responded to those changes
What style(s) of leadership they showed
Skills required to manage the change
What you would have recommended they do differently if you were coaching those leaders.
Write a 1 to 2-page summary of key skills that leaders would need to manage through a variety of change.

Length: 2-3 Page Chart, 1-2 page summary, not counting cover page and references.

Attention:  2 page summary 3page chart
1page reference equal 6pages title page does not count