VirginMobile UK Case Analysis

Answer these Questions:

1. Who does Virgin Mobile target as its customer, and what is its value proposition?

2. How can we explain Virgins success in the UK mobile market between 1999 and 2005?

3. How sustainable is Virgins competitive advantage? How might the company need to change its strategy to sustain success in the future?

Conduct the Following Analysis (based on Virgin’s situation at the beginning of the case):

1. Conduct Porters Five Forces analysis (industry)(at the time it was launched by Branson)
2. Identify VirginMobile UK’s core competencies & competitive advantages
3. Fill in a SWOT for VirginMobile UK with key findings from the above analyses
4. Define the companys vision, mission, goals, and objectives (based on information available in the case)
5. Outline VirginMobile UK strategy using the five elements framework