Transgender Kids

members of the transgender community are more visible now than at any time in the past.  Understanding of people whose presentation to society may not match their outward appearance is growing – but very slowly.  The following video features a Mom who talks about her son’s transition process. Please watch it and then respond to the questions below in an original post of 200 words and then add a peer response of at least 50 words for full credit.  If you have trouble with the video, you can read the article following this discussion.

Transgender kids are just kids after all | Amber Briggle | TEDxTWU (Links to an external site.)
Transgender kids are just kids after all | Amber Briggle | TEDxTWU

(1)  When we look at the LGBTQ community as a whole, we see that some groups within the community are more readily accepted than others.  Why – what makes the difference?

(2)  Some people are very critical of parents who support children’s decisions to present themselves as a different gender than they may have initially been reared.  What do you understand to be the basis of this criticism?

(3)  If you had a close friend or relative whose child defined himself or herself differently than he or she was being reared and that friend or relative came to you for support, what could you offer?