The Three Author’s Writings Reflections/Experiences

You have to write about the “voice” of the main character in Kafka’s novel and the persona in Dickinson’s and Li Bai’s poetry.  How does their writing works reflect the the writer’s own experience and view on one or more of the following:  politics, religion, friends, and family,  important transitional periods in the author’s life, gender roles, “nature”, national/cultural identity.  Include all the 3 authors in the writing assignment.

INSTRUCTIONS:  MLA format, include a “Works Cited” page.  (see attached format instructions and the three pdfs of the author’s writings to be used in your writing.)
P.S. You are allowed to used other sources involving the author’s connection with the particular text that he/she has written and anything else about the own life/experience mentioned in any of the online sources to help you out with the assignment.