The Media in The Hunger Games

Essay Format (6 Paragraphs)
I) Your first paragraph will introduce The Hunger Games according to a theme (The
Media for Question 1 or Behavior, actions or ideas in Question 2 and explain how a
theorist helps add to your understanding of the novel. The last sentence will state your
thesis or argument.
II) Your second paragraph will briefly explain the argument of the theorist that you have
chosen, and how this particular section of text is relevant to The Hunger Games as a
whole. Youll need to pick at least one quotation from the section of the text that I
provide for you that is helpful to you in analyzing The Hunger Games and place it in
this paragraph.
III- V) Paragraphs 3, 4, and 5 will provide readings from the Hunger Games that prove
your thesis, or evidence about why the theory is relevant to your reading of the novel.
Now that you have explained the position of your theorist, you are free to focus on the
language of Suzanne Collins.
VI) Your 6th paragraph will be your conclusion. In your conclusion in the interest of
time, you may restate your thesis and say why it is important.