Unsure what format of citation this is. Here are some sample citations that show the format I need to use:
Beschta, R. L.  2005.  Reduced cottonwood recruitment following extirpation of wolves from Yellowstones northern range.  Ecology 86:391-406.

Cahill, J. A., R. E. Green, T. L. Fulton, M. Stiller, F. Jay, N. Ovsyanikov, R. Salamzade, J. St. John, I. Stirling, M. Slatkin, and B. Shapiro.  2013.  Genomic evidence for island population conversion resolves conflicting theories of polar bear evolution.  PLoS Genetics 9:e1003345.

Hall, E. R.  1981.  The Mammals of North America, 2nd Edition.  John Wiley and Sons, New York.

Highton, R. and R. B. Peabody.  2000.  Geographic protein variation and speciation in salamanders of the Plethondon jordani and Plethodon glutinosus complexes in the southern Appalachian Mountains with the description of four new species.  Pp. 31-93 in R. C. Bruce, R. G. Jaeger, and L. D. Houck, eds., The Biology of Plethodontid Salamanders.  Academic Press, New York.

Note that the Cahill et al. (2013) paper appeared in a journal that does not use page numbers.  In this case you will find the equivalent identifier on the title page of the paper.

If, for whatever reason you cite something you read on a website that is not part of the scientific literature, please provide the name of the author, the date, and the entire URL, as in:
St. Fleur, N.  2019.