The Great Gatsby Book Essay

Part 1: What is Gatsbys most important message?
Paying close attention to only one, which is the most important message being communicated to modern audiences? This portion of the essay should utilize our old familiar friend, CEW format. In three body paragraphs, prove how this argument is made throughout the novel.
Remember that claims should be arguable.
One quote per paragraph that is appropriately contextualized prior to and analyzed after its inclusion.
Considering you will be citing multiple sources, you should include both the authors name and page number in all Gatsby citations.

Part 2: Your reflections
When considering the works we have studied this school year, Gatsby is the most iconic and widely taught. Bring your own voice into the conversation about the novel.
What did this novel teach you about the American Dream, hedonism, social mobility, or meritocracy?
Why do you think it still enjoys a place in the high school classroom?
This is the only place within the entire essay that you may use personal pronouns (I or me only).