The Enlightened Brand

Watch The Enlightened Brand: How we ended up at Kendall Jenners Pepsi ad and then find a similar ad or campaign that you feel is attempting to be “enlightened”. The video and short film is available in the
section.  Write at least 250 words.
1 summarizing the main points of the Enlightened brand video, including what the title means, what the difference between a random and a relevant brand identity and encoding is, how advertising has shifted from giving information to shaping an identity since the seventies, and how this led to the Pepsi/Jenner ad. Write at least 250 words.
2. Find another example of a company establishing (or trying to establish) an “Enlightened Brand” through a specific Ad or Campaign. Applying the ideas and facts presented through the ad or campaign that you choose.   Where does this ad fall on the spectrum of relevant to random? What values and identity are being encoded in the ad? How might different publics decode/interpret this encoding, and why?  How does it enhance the brand – either through its ultimate bottom line or for other reasons important to the brand – if at all?