The effect of Brexit on the Euronext Stock Exchange over the past few years

For the research paper, you must examine ones specific IPE hypothesis that includes one independent variable (IV), one dependent variable (DV), and a prediction about the directional influence of the IV on the DV. State your hypothesis in the form of a question. This is your research question. You should rely upon a diverse set of sources for your research, including books, articles, interviews, data, surveys, etc.

1.Introduction. Start  with  a  broad  introduction  that  captures  the  reader’s  attention.  Explain  why your question is important to explore. Next, narrow the focus and state your research question.

2.Context. Provide background information to help the reader understand your specific research question (e.g., provide definitions; explain the historical context of the issue, etc.)

3.Literature Review. It would be best if you surveyed competing for theoretical arguments and empirical studies that address the research question.

4.Evaluate  the  Evidence.  Present  and  evaluate  evidence. Make  sure  you  discuss  appropriate  evidence with the TA or instructor. Does the evidence support your hypothesis?

5.Conclusions. Summarize your findings and discuss the policy implications.