The Economic Role of Government in Infrastructure Provision

Hi, I just need a page to complete my paper, it’s incomplete in a few things.. in order to write this 1 page, you have to read my paper to get an idea
so you have to write this

1. In a few words, to assess infrastructure investments, many governments use cost-benefit analysis. Without going into details, briefly describe the main difference between a financial project analysis and a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) of an infrastructure investment. — (use attached slides, appraisal)
2. Need more analysis in ‘the rationale for and the economic pros and cons of government intervention’ section. I only have pros, no cons, so just one brief sentence of one con of government intervention in healthcare infrastructure provision.
3. One or two sentences about France’s government having any plans to build hospitals, public healthcare infrastructure provision, funds reserved? How many hospitals? How many years?

Just write these sentences, and I will add them where needed to the paper.

Attached: slides to do the PF analysis vs CBA
PDF: my paper

Good luck and thank you!