The Beatles

Take Home Question #1:
Who do you think is the 5th Beatle?  In a 1to 2 page essay, identify who you feel was the most essential person involved in the Beatles story (other than John, Paul, George and Ringo).  There is no correct answer for this question — its your job to think this out carefully and substantiate your answer, in detail.

Take Home Question #2:
Every year, from 1963 to 1969, The Beatles issued a Christmas Message, on flexi-disk, to fan club members.  It was their way of thanking them for being fans.  Youll notice that the messages evolved in the same way as their music did.

Listen to each message in order, then year by year tell me two details of each message that appealed to you or piqued your interest.

Take Home Question #3:
What proof do we have that the firing of Pete Best was the correct decision by The Beatles?  In your answer be sure to include all aspects of why Ringo was essential to the band.

Take Home Question #4:
The Beatles were true revolutionaries, since they significantly changed the media in their short 7 year lifespan, as a band.  Tell me the various ways they did so.