The Algerian war and the impacts of the policy of concealment and remembrance on Franco-Algerian relation

I attached a summary made for my paper. The writer has to base the paper on this summary. The paper should contain a clear explanation of the subject matter and main theme or thesis in the introduction, a substantive discussion and analysis of the main issues and findings in the body; and a conclusion that summarize the paper and attempts to generalize the findings beyond the immediate research topic. The paper will be evaluated on substance, relevance, coherence, consistency, organization, and style. The teacher is very picky so the different sources for the paper should be strictly scholar sources like books and scholarly journals..The writer should avoid using electronic and print newspapers, newsmagazines, enciclopedias like wikipedia, yearbooks and the like. The writer should read the instructions attached to the paper very carefully. The citing page is not part of the 10 pages. The writer should make sure to avoid plagiarism. The teacher is very strict on plagiarism and use turnit in to check the paper. I will be open for any question coming from the writer.