term paper instructions

I want each of you to utilize the variety of topics we have discussed in class to write your term paper covering your thoughts on the long-term of COVID-19.  You paper should cover the effects of the pandemic from two primary viewpoints, an individual producer and an individual consumer.  For example: 

– What effects will the ongoing governmental recovery policies being enacted have on our current and future output and purchasing decisions?

– What industry types are most likely to suffer the most in the long-term from the impacts of COVID-19

– What are the future impacts on profit and savings overall not only from the US perspective but for other countries throughout the world

– And so on…

As always, be as expansive as possible in your descriptions and support your thoughts as needed with external (properly referenced) sources.  Your paper should be used to support your formulated opinion, not just explain it from both sides and leave your ideas open for interpretation,

Paper should be 5-7 pages long (approximately 1,500 words) as a reference.  As always, grades will be determined on your ability to support the opinions presented not on the opinions themselves.