Techniques and Tools for Strategic Management in Healthcare

You have been appointed as lead project manager for the implementation of a new EHR system in
a large multi- campus hospital system. The CEO and Board of Directors have asked you to provide
information regarding the methods by which you will ensure successful adoption of the new
information system. Please follow the instructions below in completion of this assignment.

PART ONE:Discuss the relationship between health care regulation compliance and quality management.
Demonstrate the quality management tools that could be used as process control techniques to support
compliance efforts. Select two (2) quality management tools (e.g., control charts, Pareto charts,
fishbone diagrams). Provide a visual example for each tool selected, and, in an executive summary for
the CEO and Board of Directors, describe how each tool can be used to inform internal policies,
processes, and organizational structure decision making.

PART TWO:Develop a plan to measure and manage performance during the transition to the new EHR. Compare at
least two (2) benchmarking techniques (e.g., productivity standards, report cards, dashboards, etc.) and
provide a visual example for each technique used. Differentiate between internal and external
benchmarking. Discuss how benchmarking techniques are used to comply with health care regulations
and improve organizational performance.

PART THREEDemonstrate workflow concepts that would assist in managing the transition to the new EHR system.
Examine at least two (2) workflow concepts (e.g., use cases, top down diagrams, swimlane diagrams,
etc.). Provide a visual example of each and discuss its use in supporting internal policies, processes,
and organizational structure decision making

PART FOURDemonstrate project management techniques that you would use for the EHR transition to ensure
efficient workflow and appropriate outcomes. Select at least two (2) techniques (e.g., Gantt charts,
benchmarking, risk analysis) for interpretation. Provide an example of each and discuss how the two
project management techniques can be used to achieve outcomes that ensure regulatory compliance.