Stock market

Cover Page which as to be centered on the page (Title for your paper, Your name, Schools
name, Course name, Teachers name, Due date) – 10 points (All or Nothing)
2. At least 3-5 typed pages (not including cover page or references page) – 10 points (All or
3. Double-Spaced – 10 points (All or Nothing)
4. No major spelling mistakes and/or grammatical errors – 10 points (All or Nothing)
5. 1 inch margins (this is the default for both Word and Google Docs) – 10 points (All or
6. Times New Roman, Size 12 font including the cover page – 10 points (All or Nothing)
7. Page numbers (top right of each page) – 10 points (All or Nothing)
8. APA style in-text citations (used to avoid plagiarism and adds credibility to your research
paper) – 10 points (All or Nothing)
9. References Page (2 sources minimum using APA formatting) – 20 points (Partial Credit
10. Introduction providing a brief overview of the stock market tracking project and the different
topics/parts of the paper you will be writing about – 15 points (Partial Credit Potentially)
11. Transition sentence needed. Explanation of why you chose which companies you did – 15
points (Partial Credit Potentially)
12. Transition sentence needed. Explanation of your total profit/loss from each tracking form and
analysis of your stock picking performance including the best and worst choice you made –
30 (Partial Credit Potentially)
13. Transition sentence needed. Explanation of Leadership Structure of one of the companies you
chose (cannot be the same as other students in the class) – 30 points (Partial Credit
Potentially) –
a. You need to include the responsibilities for each title and include who the current
person is from your chosen company
i. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
ii. President of the Company
iii. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
iv. Chief Operating Officer (COO) or Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) or Chief
Technology Officer (CTO) – choose one of these based on your company
v. Chairman of the Board of Directors

14. Transition sentence needed. Explanation of the Stock performance for your chosen company
over the last 3 months, 1 year, and 5 years – 30 points (Partial Credit Potentially)
15. Conclusion including your overall views on the stock market and investing – Is it something
you see yourself doing in the future? Why or why not? – 30 points (Partial Credit Potentially)