Hi, this work is for a presentation so do not need too many things, and please remember to separate each part. And the business centered around sponges.

You have decided to start a business together. You realize that you will need to obtain venture capital to ensure the success of your business venture. Put together a detailed proposal in the form of a presentation to me as the venture capital officer. Include in your proposal the following:

1) What kind of business structure you will form and why.

2) Provide me with the contractual agreements that you have in place for the business. If you’ve formed an LLC I would like to see your Operating Agreement and tell me why you chose that kind of entity. If you’ve formed a Partnership, tell me what kind of Partnership and why you chose that kind of entity.  I would like to see the Partnership Agreement. You are also free to form any other kind of business entity. Just let me know the reasoning behind your choice.

3) Tell me if your business is or is not going to be a Franchise, and demonstrate your understanding of a Franchise, Franchisor, and Franchisee in your presentation.

4) Tell me how you plan to protect the business and the members against Torts and Cybercrimes.

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