SPED Speech and Language


1. Why do you think it is important to plan when you are going to instruct one or more students who need AT? How do teachers determine key concept vocabulary and action words to include on a device or in pictures to promote engagement during instruction for a given topic? (250-300 words and two references)


How should results from students language assessments guide instructional planning decisions related to text complexity and language development tasks? (250-300 words and two references)

3. How do challenges with reading comprehension affect the adolescent students attitude, emotions, and feelings about reading? According to research, how can addressing these areas help adolescents improve their reading skills? Identify 2-3 examples of how to address these areas in the classroom. (250-300 words and two references)

4. Referring to this topic’s readings, discuss some pre-reading activities, activities to use during reading, and activities to use after reading to promote vocabulary and reading comprehension when working with adolescents. (250-300 words and two references)

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