Sociology Theory paper

Final Paper guidelines

4 sections in the paper
1. 3 pages ( situation )
2.Theory 3 pages ( Balance theory)
3.Analysis 2 pages
4.Comments 1 page

Section 1 write a story/situation you are very familiar with and write it using dialogue from the situation and is if the professor was no there. Pieces of dialogue are huge and use real dialogue. ( Bad language is acceptable just not too much) Make the story believeable. Write about emotions and how the people in the situation acted and said. Write about their non verbal cues. And final outcomes (how did it go and how did it end?) Use paragraph breaks. Use quotes when quoting somebody. Do not use a situation that is a horrible incident. Nothing where someone is being abused etc.

Section 2 Theory Section
Use Attribution theory, Brewers model theory OR Balance Theory (Research it if you are not familiar with it)
Present a synopsis of this theory. Cite everything you find on this and the book. Write a complete summary of the theory. Describe Balance theory and as much detail as you can about the theory. If there are diagrams or anything you can find on it add it in this. THIS should not include anything from section 1 ( The situation part)

Section 3 Analysis

Take the theory and apply it to the situation. Now you can use both combined in this section of the paper. Show how the concepts of the theory explain the situation. Explain how the theory helps us understand the situation ( Explain that). No theory can explain all of the situation that happens in one setting. think about what the theory explains. Try to figure out what the theory can actually help us learn.
Illustrate as many concepts from the theory as you can.
How the situation illustrates the concepts from the theory.
Show how the concepts from the theory explain the situation.

Section 4 Comment/discussion section
Discuss anything the theory cannot explain.
Describe any idiosyncrasies that are not explainable using the theory.
Suggest how one might modify the theory to take in account such things.
For example Jim is very tall
Are there other theories that are relevant? By the end of class everyone should know many theories.
It is a think piece.
Just a brief statment like we could use brewers model theory in this because