Social Media Marketing assignment

First please reading the course resources I already uploaded in materials.
After reading the course resources and the information on this assignment in the course, address the questions below in a Word document.

Based on your viewing of the video, describe the functionality of the Echo. What are the primary consumer benefits?

What target audiences might this product appeal to and why?

Research the two main competitors to the Amazon Echo: Apple Homepod and Google Home. What benefits do they promise consumers?

How is the Amazon Echo positioned vs. competition?  Write a positioning statement using the Template A (below):

For (target audience/customer) [Brand X] is the (frame of reference/category) that (rational/emotional benefit). Thats because [Brand X] is (reasons to believe and/or differentiators).

Briefly, describe how Amazon can use social media as a channel to convince consumers that the Echo is the best choice.

Draft three tweets that promote the Amazon Echo and how the Echo is positioned.  You do not have to tweet on this subject, but just include the tweets in your response to the mini-case.
Lastly . . . here is a prediction by NYU Professor Scott Galloway:

Alexa emerges as the iPhone of the next decade, fueling Amazon’s ascent past $1T in market cap. Voice makes the mobile wars look like a border skirmish as big tech and the media industry try to establish their place in an increasingly Amazon world.