Social Media

Topic: Research Study

For this assignment, it is recommended that you use a library database “Communication and Mass Media Complete.” Find a recent (after 2016) peer-reviewed research study that involves some type of social media platform. For that research study, first provide a summary of the research study. In your summary include: the purpose of the research, the methods used (e.g., an experiment), and the findings. Then, answer the following questions [in paragraph form]:

How might the findings of this study relate to the “groundswell” approach to social media?
Based on the research study, what have you learned about consumers of social media?
Do you feel that the findings of this research are applicable to the general public? Why or why not?
How could the study have been improved?
What made you choose this particular study?

Instructions: Your responses should demonstrate that you are applying the material from the notes and the readings. Your posts should be between 300-500 words. In this course, it is required that you use APA citation style for in-text citations and any references.