Social Enterprise project

I need you to finish a paper I have already started.  Please write the following topics for the paper attached.

II. Social enterprise as a solution
a.    Project justification
i.    Why social enterprise is needed in Kurdistan
ii.    How social enterprise contribute to increase livelihood in the camp
b.    Significance to stakeholders
                        i. Current impact on beneficiaries
                        ii. Future impact on beneficiaries
                        iii. Impact of the enterprise on national level in Kurdistan
          III. What is L&M Sewing Factory
a.    Description of project
i.    Project overview
ii.    Project mission
b.    How it is financed
i.    Obtaining first patch fund
ii.    Circular economy
iii.    Social bank
c.    Who is beneficiary?
i.    Selection criteria
ii.    Selection process
iii.    Continuation process
d.    Product and turn over
i.    Market assessment
ii.    Product selling
e.    Sustainability of the project
VI.    Conclusion