SMART AD Summary

Describe and analyze an advertisement based on an ethnographic video documentary or your own field experience. You can choose any ad that interests you for a two-page summary. The summary is not just a description of the ad, and it needs to incorporate S.M.A.R.T analysis. Apply the most relevant ideas of Halls High/Low Context Cultural Patterns, Kluckhohns Value Orientations, and Hofstedes Cultural Patterns. Use some concepts from each of the theorists.

The S.M.A.R.T. Framework
  Situation: What is causing you to need to communicate?
  Message: What do you want to say?
  Audience: Who is your audience?
  Response: What do you want your audience to do?
  Tool: What is the best way to get your message out?

Besides this, I needed a 5-page PowerPoint to briefly analyze the ad.