Sexual Assault Prevention

For this discussion, you will analyze a case study in public health from the textbook, Master of Public Health Competencies: A Case Study Approach. Please review the following case study from this text:

Chapter 11: Evaluating a Multi-Site Campus-Based Sexual Assault Prevention Intervention
This case study was based on real public health initiatives; therefore, your engagement in this discussion will help you hone workforce-related skills for public health practice.

For your initial post, please address all of the following questions:

Appraisal of Evaluation Methodologies

Formative Evaluation: What would need to be measured before implementation to ensure this public health effort is feasible, appropriate, or acceptable? How would you gather this information?

Summative Evaluation: Why would it be important to address summative evaluation (the degree to which actual changes occurred as a result of the program) as opposed to limiting assessment to process evaluation? What would you measure with summative evaluation?

Process Evaluation: Why might policymakers and funders be more concerned with summative evaluation outcomes than with process-based outcomes? How does this change your approach to process evaluation? What would you measure with process evaluation?

Outcome Evaluation: What types of outcomes might have more value in health promotion as well as in reducing the burden of sexual assault and intimate-partner violence in a large, urban, commuter university setting? What would you measure with outcome evaluation?

Impact Evaluation: How does impact evaluation inform the management of the intervention? What would you measure with impact evaluation?

Selecting Evaluation Methods: Given this case study, rank each evaluation method as high, medium, or low with regard to its importance in assessing the effectiveness of the health relationships intervention implemented by CUNY, and briefly explain your rationale for this ranking. Incorporate examples from the case study wherever possible.

In all posts, please make certain to include APA 7th edition in-text citations throughout and a reference list.