SEI Coursework Module 3

Module Required Activities:
Section 1 Frist Language Acquisition
1. Print out a copy of the Skeleton Outline note-taking guide.
2. Follow Parts 1 and 2 of the PowerPoint on first language acquisition and complete the skeleton
outline as you go. You must turn in your skeleton outline notes.
3. Design a skeleton outline note-taking guide that your students would use to take notes with on
content of your choosing. Please include the grade level of your students and content area
4. Reflect on first language acquisition and the implementation of your lesson using the guiding
questions on page 2.
First Language Acquisition Reflection Questions
1. Which theory do you believe is most dominant and how is that reflected in your classroom practice?
2. How did you include the skeleton outline or other structured note-taking format into your instruction? Why did you make the choice to include it for that particular lesson?
Page Requirement for both responses together 1 page
Second Language Acquisition Reflection Questions
1. What did you find interesting about the readings and why?
2. How can you use this information in your own teaching practice?
Page Requirement for both responses together 1 page
Comprehensible Input Activities & Reflection Questions
Review the PowerPoint (Aportacion Comprensible) and follow all directions. Then respond to the reflection questions below.
1. What made the experience difficult/easy?
2. What strategies did you use to make the content comprehensible?
3. Did you notice if you had any physical reactions to the PowerPoint experience? Higher heart rate,
feelings of frustration, anger, nervousness, sweaty palms, etc.
4. Describe how you might relate this experience to your teaching practice.
5. What did you learn about comprehensible input and how does this knowledge relate to the
Page Requirement for all 5 responses together 1 page
Heres what you will submit as documentation for this module:
1) The Skeleton Outline you used to take notes with as you engaged with Parts 1 and 2 of the PowerPoints on first language acquisition. You may take pictures of the outline and submit the picture.
2) The Skeleton Outline you created for your students to take notes with on any content of your choosing.
3) Your responses to the 3 sets of reflection questions.