This assignment is designed to introduce the student to the method of initiating risk analysis. The paper is focused on a project so there is a limited time frame in consideration as opposed to the indefinite timeframe of continuous operations. It also begins on a smaller scale by only focusing on a project within an organization as opposed to the entire organization to focus the efforts of the student on identifying environmental factors, which can be found both internal and external to an organization. Those environmental factors are big contributors to risk, so identifying them is key as we look at the building blocks of risk analysis. Finally, the student can begin determining methods to address those risks with a basic risk management plan for their project. Once this project is complete, the student will at least have some exposure to and practical experience with basic risk management, which will allow for deeper discussions as the class progresses.
INSTRUCTIONS -Must include: Abstract, Introduction, Content, and conclusion. Make sure you cite all sources used and use APA 7 format especially when completing references.
The student will write a paper that focuses on risk management techniques. Specifically, the student will choose a project within an organization, evaluate what environmental factors contribute to the risk of that project, and build a risk management plan to address those project risks.
    8-page length requirement, which should include an abstract of 150-250 words
    Excluded from this length is the title page and reference section
    APA formatted
    10 references are required in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible
    Acceptable sources include scholarly articles published within the last five years
    Textbook Readings
    Hagen: ch 13
Hagen, B. (2018). Problem, Risk, and Opportunity Enterprise Management. Sugar Land, TX: Probabilistic Publishing. ISBN: 9781941075036.