rich summative task

The FRSSAT will require you to decide what content from our learning together best represents your understanding of the course expectations. You will also be responsible for choosing the form of that demonstration. There are exemplars from a similar FRSATT for the ETS4UV course that will be available to get a sense of what you could do but you have full control over these decisions.
! Review the OVERALL expectations for the ENG4U curriculum, and the SPECIFIC expectations attached to those here:
! Select 5 teacher prompts from the specific expectations for each strand (Oral Communication, Reading and Literature Studies, Writing, and Media Studies). Be sure to have at least TWO prompt from Reading and Literature Studies, and at least TWO prompt from Writing. There is NO need to do more than 5. In fact, given the end of year time pressures, please dont. You do NOT need to choose a prompt from every strand.
! For each SPECIFIC expectation that you have chosen, select a course artifact that demonstrates your understanding of the expectation, and helps you prepare an answer to the teacher prompt. This is where you will use anything we have done in this class. It may be a discussion of your own, or a journal entry, or feedback to a post, or someone elses discussion.
! Use the artifact to demonstrate your understanding of your answer to the teacher prompt you have selected. This should be done as a personal reflection, and should use direct quotations. Be sure to attribute the quotations for example, is it from a classmates post on a topic? If so, identify who said it. Is it from your own writing? If so, tell me what one. Is it from something else? Give some context so that I understand where your artifact comes from. Can you connect texts through this?
! Decide on the FORM of your FRSSAT. You may do it as a writing piece, or you may explore other alternatives for example, and not limited to, a podcast/audio recording or a video (to be shared only with me).
! The ENG4UV Summative Rubric will be used to assess your FRSATT.