Research Project

*Choose one of the following:
1. The Climate Crisis: Potential Solutions?

2. The Future of Work: Artificial intelligence, Gender Norms, the Nature of the Corporation

3. Urbanization post-Covid: Smart Cities, Housing, Slums, Migration

4. Measures of Wealth and Progress: The Future of Policy Metrics

5. Media and Politics in a post-truth World: Populism, Nationalism and Technology

6. Race and Identity in 2050

*Kindly have 5 sections:
1) Problem definition… what is the issue, who does it affect (e.g. Global North vs. Global South), and why is it a problem?

2) Who are the stakeholders?

3) Major debates/issues…what are some of the most widely held views/position

4) What are some of the solutions to address the problem (also, what are some solutions that might NOT be a solution)? What are governments and NGOs doing?  Are existing businesses part of the solution or the problem? How might the solution fail?  What stands in the way of this solution?

5) How might this be an opportunity for businesses or what firms are pursuing this or how would industry need to adapt?

*Please note:
You are free to focus on any angle that you find particularly interesting and emphasize how it impacts the future of our world; you are encouraged to provide the main relevant perspectives about that angle and not just your own personal opinion.

Kindly also support your assertions by clearly citing their sources. A good project will incorporate a minimum of 20 cited sources (this is a general guideline).

*The assignment rubric is attached below under “Additional Materials”.