research method

The aim is to provide a critical discussion of research designs of selected 2 published journal articles. This discussion should include:
    Identifying the elements of research onion
    Research philosophy (positivism, interpretivism) 
    Research study type (exploratory, causal, descriptive)
    Methodological choice (qualitative vs quantitative)
    Design (experiment, cross-sectional, longitudinal, case study)
    Determining if the research design suitable to answer the research question set
    Thinking of the impact that research design had on the data collection and analysis
    Discussing inherent biases in the method that could alter the way the data are interpreted and likelihood of biases in the analysis technique (eg quant. will miss why & qual. may misinterpret)
    Deciding whether or not this study allow generalization

You need to select two of the above journal articles for this assignment: 

    The allure of luxury brands social media activities: a uses and gratifications perspective (Athwal, Istanbulluoglu, McCormack, Information Technology and People Journal, 2019)
    Burgers for tourists who give a damn! Driving disruptive social change upstream and downstream in the tourist food supply chain (Carrigan, Lazell, Bosangit, Magrizos, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 2017)
    Cyber-mavens and online flow experiences: Evidence from virtual worlds (Barnes and Pressey, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2016)
    Union use of social media: a study of the University and College Union on Twitter (Hodder and Houghton, New Technology, Work and Employment Journal, 2015)