regulating artificial intelligence

The research topic is in the Proposal pdf.
Citations to included  for this research paper is  this following website:
and the additional attached PDF materials.

Paper requirements:
The descriptiveness and clarity of the title;
The clarity and adequacy of the thesis statement;
The quality of the explanation of the moral issue at stake;
The relevance and importance of the issue, for an individual engineer, the engineering profession in general (or,
for computer scientists and engineers, their peers and their industry), and the broader public;
The clarity and persuasiveness of explanations of different reasonable positions on the issue;
The quality of the authors critical analysis of the issue and positions;
The appropriate use of theories, concepts, ideas, and techniques that have been introduced in the course;
Appropriate citations that support the relevance of the inquiry allow the reader to confirm details of important cases,
and refer to the sources of theoretical and conceptual ideas that are used;
Reflective disclosure of any personal biases or limitations that may affect the authors analysis; and
The authors skill in constructing a paper that engages the reader.
Coherence, conciseness, and clarity; and
Mechanics, including sentence and paragraph structure, transitions, and topic sentences.