Reflection Paper

Write a short (500-800 word) paper in which you use Bronfenbrenners (1994) Ecological Model of Human Development to describe the contexts of your own development, with a focus on your early childhood years (0-8 yrs).

To produce a concise, well-organized paper with a clear and persuasive argument supported by evidence, you need to dedicate sufficient out-of-class time to your writing and revision.

Read the Grading Criteria carefully, and follow all the requirements!!!!!

At least 3 elements correctly identified
1 biological child characteristic (e.g., temperament, sex)
1 microsystem and its characteristics (e.g., parenting style, family composition, child care setting)
1 context that is less proximal (i.e., mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, chronosystem)

Contains specific examples
Give specific examples that illustrate your contexts. For example, you can describe a pattern of interaction that you experienced often, such as specific parent-child activities, group/solitary play, or reading behaviors.

Explain how biological/individual element connects to at least one other system
When writing about your own characteristics (the innermost circle), think about how they may have played a role in how you experienced various contextual settings. Did your family or teachers behave differently toward you because you were a boy/girl, shy/extroverted, etc.? What about larger systemswere any of your inherent characteristics relevant to your experiences with mass media, educational policies, or cultural institutions?

Uses appropriate terminology and connects to class topics
Throughout the paper, you must make connections to topics weve covered in class and cite relevant readings. Use terminology from lecture and readings to demonstrate your understanding of course topics.

General style, organization, and formatting
Be sure to revise your paper for clarity and conciseness. Use proper APA citation style for any necessary in-text citations and references, including Bronfenbrenner (1994).

There’re total 10 readings, choose at least 3 of them to be used in this paper!!!!!

The 7 lecture slides are only for you to have a brief look of what’s going on in this class, they’re not resources