What is most real? Chocolate chip cookies? Images of chocolate chip cookies? The Cookie Monster eating cookies? People eating cookies? A Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe?

What is really real?
What is the difference between appearance and reality? What is the basic stuff of the universe? Is there only one kind of thing or two kinds or many kinds of things? Is the really real stuff material stuff or abstract ideas? If everything is one kind of thing how could there by many things? How can we account for change, time, space, and motion? What is the origin of the universe? If there are many things, how are they related to one another? If there are material things, how do we account for ideas? If there are only immaterial ideas, now do we account for physical stuff? If there are two kinds of things, material and immaterial, how are they related to one another? How could they causally affect one another? What are the features of matter? What are the features of ideas? What follows from there being one, or two or many kinds of things? what follows from everything being either material, or ideal, or both? How many worlds are there? What is a substance? What is a property? Was there always something, or a time before there was anything?


Define ‘reality’. Given your definition, provide an example of a real thing or process? What follows from your definition of reality, or what is the justification for your conclusion about what is real?

Reality chapter: