1. Help me write an essay according to the questions in each article and what is the Point of View for each of the following stories so far (limited omniscient or objective or first person).

2. And the last page of the essay helps me write a summary like this:
    The short story, “Harrison Bergeron,” involves a young man who stands out in society due to his special talents and abilities and is thus considered a threat. Below are three separate topic threads to choose from. You can respond to one topic thread, two topic threads, or all the topics. Hey, you can even make up your own topic thread related to the the theme of this story. 

    Can you think of a story with a similar premise? How is alike or different from “Harrison Bergeron”?
    How do we (or should we) promote fairness in society?
    Have you had an experience where you felt stunted in your potential due to constraints of school or society? How has it affected you today?
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