Reaction of a brand to COVID 19

Write an essay about your favorite brand, uncovering its reaction to COVID-19 pandemic, by analyzing and applying various concepts you learned about customer behavior.

Paper requirements:

1. This essay should be a well-developed and edited 800-1100 word text (no less than 800, no more than 1100), using 1.0 vertical line-spacing, in MS Word format with 12 Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins.

2. Make sure you include your name, course, assignment name, date and number of words in the upper left corner of the first page of your submission.

3. All external sources used must be cited in text and listed on the reference page using APA referencing guidelines. The word count does not include references.
Remember that the essay must have a clear structure and flow. Consider having some sections/headings. Essay needs to be fully supported by a proper desk research (literature review), which means at least 10 credible and authentic references.

Examples of brands to choose from (need just one brand)

If you are aware of any brand that is not listed in those links but think that it might be a good fit for this essay, let me know.

Grading criteria
1. (core concepts) Demonstrates clear understanding and complete command of tools, principles and concepts from the course. Makes appropriate and powerful connections between identified issues and the strategic concepts studied in the course readings and class lectures.

2. (main idea/issue identification) Clearly presents main idea(s) appropriate to the topic/assignment and supports it/them throughout the paper.

3. (content & analysis) Content is relevant, well presented and argued. Ideas are well developed and supported by specific facts, details and examples. Presents an insightful and thorough analysis of all identified issues. Includes all necessary evidence and/or calculations.

4. (conclusions & recommendations) Includes a review of key points. Conclusions are clear, compelling, and supported by quality research and analysis (conclusions are well justified by factual and computational support). Action recommendations are detailed and impactful and together compose a thoughtful plan to address major challenges.

5. (organization & writing) Demonstrates concise and consistent writing (writing is clear and unambiguous). Organization (structure) is careful and logical. Underlying logic is clearly articulated and easy to follow. Transitions between ideas are handled very well. Words express the intended meaning and support reader comprehension. Formatting is appropriate. Paper is generally free of spelling and grammar errors. Keeps the required length of the paper. If uses external sources, references are appropriately cited in APA style.

!Customer behavior audit and consumer trend canvas are two frameworks that might help you plan and/or structure the essay.!

Ex. Swot, Five Forces Analysis, Pest