In addition to presentations, you will send us the following:
(1) one-to-two page summary of what you have done and what were the main results
(2) source file(s)
(3) instructions how to run your code
Some of you are doing projects related to your work we may not be able to run your code. In this case, send us examples of runs with your summary. The presentations should be at the level that other students can understand what your project is all about. Imagine that you are have an interview and you are asked to describe in a few words a Python project of your choice.
You are free to choose any topic that is of interest to you. The most important thing to keep in mind that this is a Python project. You will not be judged on the originality of your topic or the difficulty of implementation. We want you to show us the use of Python constructs. At the minimum, your code should include:
(1) at least one of the container types (list, tuple, set, or dictionary)
(2) at least one iteration type (for, while)
(3) at least one conditional
(4) at least one user-defined function
(5) at least one user-defined class (could be very simple)
(6) file input or output
Finally, your project should contain no confidential data from your employer or any non-public source.