pulp fiction movie review

watch pulp fiction
movie link: https://www.goojara.to/mord0K

The objective of this Final Essay is to demonstrate your skills in writing clearly, concisely and persuasively about film form and meaning.


Write an essay of about 1000 words (typically 5-6 pages) analyzing a scene or short sequence from a film assigned for viewing in class this semester. Alternatively, you may select footage from several parts of the film (maximum 2 minutes total).  In either case, this final essay should not be on the identical scene or sequence examined before in your short paper or a discussion topic (some overlapping is permissible). Follow the paper with a Table of Shots, listing a selection of the most important/relevant shots in your footage (maximum of ten shots). 

Completing the Paper: As with your short essay, this paper must present an argument about the scene/sequence. Please mark in bold your argument/thesis.  The thesis should be clear, specific, and significant; it should also be in one sentence. The argument may concern the meanings(s) of the scene within the film’s broader context, or it may focus on a specific aspect of filmmaking notable in the footage. For example, you may want to focus on mise en scene, cinematography (or just camera work), editing, or sound.

Please use bold text to mark your references to these elements/terms.
Completing the Table of Shots: The paper must have appended to it a table featuring a numbered list of shots (10 maximum) of time-stamped footage. Each numbered item in the list should include a brief description and a point about shot type. This should be inserted after the paper, on a separate page(s), with the title “Table of Shots.”

Image(s) or short video/sound files are optional but recommended.
Think of me or an educated moviegoer as your audience.
Give the Assignment a specific title!

Rubric and Sample Essays

movie terms for reference: http://userhome.brooklyn.cuny.edu/anthro/jbeatty/COURSES/glossary.htm


1000 length (or thereabouts)

Clear, specific, significant one-sentence thesis statement in bold print

10 film terms from LAM in bold print

Time-stamped footage

Table of Shots

Images or short video?

Specific Title

MLA or APA format

All other requirements specified in the above description or the assignment’s rubric