Project Management

Project Management Review and correct the provided answers and add more details and explanation.
(2200 words) excluding the provided answers number of words.

    Apply project management techniques to practical problem solutions.
    Work in a project team and use project management software effectively.

Mr Ali is planning his dream house. The lot for the house sits high on a beautiful view of the Al Ain city. The plans show the size of the house to be 4,000-meter square. The average price for a lot and house similar to this one has been AED500 per metre square.

1. Develop a Scope Statement for this project that contains examples of all elements. Provide your best guess estimate of the dates for milestone. [10 marks]
2. What would the priorities likely for this project? [10 marks]
3. The following project scope checklist may use to ensure that scope definition is complete
i. Product Objectives
ii. Deliverables
iii. Milestones
iv. Technical Requirements
v. Limits and Exclusions
vi. Review with Customer
**All the of them should be explained and listed properly

The following table is average cost information is available from a local bank that makes loans to local contractors and dispenses progress payments to contractors when specific tasks are verified as complete.
Excavation and framing complete    24%    Furnace installed    9%
Roof and fireplace complete    8%    Plumbing fixtures installed    4%
Wiring roughed in    3%    Exterior paint, light fixtures installed,
finish hardware installed    10%
Plumbing roughed in    6%    Carpet and trim installed    6%
Siding on    5%    Interior decorating    4%
Windows, insulation, walks, plaster, and garage complete    17%    Floors laid and finished    4%
Based on Table: Average Cost Information
1. Draw a Work Breakdown Structure.
2. Apply WBS Coding System.
3. Detailed deliverables (mini 3 main Tasks, 6 sub-Tasks, 1 Work Packages)
4. Include the information from Average Cost Information Table in your WBS and estimate the cost for the house if the contractors complete all Tasks.
5. Create the responsibility matrix for your project.

Must include Reference is must (APA style) and proper titles