Program Portfolio (Capstone) Project – Marketing Management

You are required to create a business organizational marketing plan that has an emphasis on a description of business, and the products/services, the market analysis, strategies and marketing techniques that will be used, location, competition, as well as any problems/challenges that may occur in the marketing of goods and services and how to overcome these problems/challenges. Incorporate the learnings from this course to your marketing plan and justify and support the decisions you made with research.

You are required to use your textbook and at least three (3) scholarly/peer-reviewed articles or eBooks from the Valencia College Library databases.  Direct quotes from the sources used must be less than 20 words and must be cited within the text as well as in the Reference list. Paraphrases and summaries must also be cited within the text as well as in the Reference list.

You can use any of these any of the following databases to find articles but I must be able to site it through valencia’s database to cite any sources:
Business (Gale OneFile) (Gale)
Business and Management Video Collection (Sage Publications)
Business Cases (Sage Publications)
Business Insights: Essentials (Gale)
Business Source Complete  (EBSCO)
Business Stats (Sage Publications)
Communications and Mass Media Collection (Gale)
Consumer  (EBSCO)
Culinary Arts (Gale OneFile) (Gale)
DemographicsNow (Gale Business) (Gale)
Economics and Theory Collection (Gale)
Entrepreneurship (Gale Business) (Gale)
Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center (Infobase Publishing)
Global Road Warrior (World Trade Press)
Hospitality, Tourism, and Leisure (Gale)
MasterFILE Premier (EBSCO)
Popular Magazines (Gale OneFile) (Gale)
Regional Business News (EBSCO)
Sage Journals (Sage Publications)
Springer eJournal Collection
Westlaw Campus Research (Thomson Reuters)

I will provide the textbook, an annotated bibliography of three sources you must use, and the first 2 parts of the project which are based on the fictional company I created called Eden & Co.

Textbook Link:

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