Primate Behavior

Answer the following questions. Question #1 is specifically from the Jane Goodall video Among the Wild Chimpanzees. You do not need to watch the full thing, as long as you can answer the questions accordingly. In answering the rest of the questions, please give multiple examples.  Theres no page limit; just write enough to answer each question fully.

1. Why did Jane Goodall begin her study of chimpanzees in the wild?

2. Provide multiple specific examples from the videos shown in class for each of the following behaviors. Where possible, provide examples from chimps AND another primate species.

Mother-infant bonding:

Aggressive and display behaviors:

Friendly (affiliative) behaviors:

Tool use:

Learned behaviors other than tool use:

3. Describe two specific behaviors in chimpanzees or other primate species that you thought were unique to humans and/or that surprised you and/or that you found particularly interesting. Why did you choose these behaviors?