Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace

You are required to write an 6-8 page research paper that should be inspired by issues encountered in your internship.  Papers must be typed, double-spaced and include a minimum of 8 references.  The types of references that you use will vary depending upon your topic and can include books, journal/magazine articles, EEOC publications, and internet sources.  Please use either APA or MLA style for internal citations and reference pages.  Your paper MUST be properly referenced or 30 points will be deducted from the grade.  You may NOT use more than 2 EEOC publications as references, nor can you use a dictionary as a reference.  Referencing is NOT limited to including a listing of your sources, or to only those passages that are direct quotes (or cut and pastes).  You must indicate in the text of the paper which information came from which source whether or not the information is a direct quote; in other words, paraphrases of information from other sources must also be cited.  If you are unclear about how to do this, please contact the instructor, I will be very happy to explain it and provide examples.  Research papers should reflect both the results of your research on your topic as well as how that research contributes to your understanding of the purpose and function of the EEOC.