Police dogs being used to find hidden digital evidence

The paper shall be printed in APA Style, 12-point font, double-spaced, and 5 10 pages long. The research paper shall be completed in any appropriate style which includes a bibliography. Internet references are welcome if they are properly documented and are from a reliable internet site. No site or reference will be copied verbatim. Do not use your textbook as a reference unless you have multiple references.  I work in the Law Enforcement field and my instructor does as well, with a lengthy background in police K-9’s.  This is a newer field for K9’s and our agency currently does not have any.  My position is that I feel it would be useful, however the paper needs to outline the ethics and such. 
Is my opinion on this topic fair and valid?
Does my opinion weigh in short- and long-term outcomes?
Will all responsibilities be met based on my opinion?
Does my opinion base its conclusion on facts or feelings (morals/ethics/etc)?
Does my opinion encourage freedom and personal liberties?
Does my opinion show empathy for others?
Does my opinion weigh in laws and authorities related to the topic?
Does my opinion take social rights into account?
It will need to check all of these blocks