Poem Analysis

For this unit, you will write an essay which analyzes how a poet uses specific literary devices and techniques to develop a literary theme.  Chose one of the following topics for a well developed essay of 700-1000 words:

Explain how Owen uses poetic devices including simile, metaphor, and onomatopoeia to support the theme of Dulce et Decorum Est.
Explain how cumming uses clich, jargon, and diction to support the theme of next to of course god america i.

For either topic, your essay must do the following:
Include an introduction paragraph that provides the title of the poem, poet, and a thesis statement connecting the literary elements to theme.
Use specific examples from the poem (quotations) to support your argument and document them properly.
Include at least three body paragraph each with a strong topic sentence that connects one specific literary device to the theme of the poem.
Include a conclusion paragraph which restates (not repeats) the thesis statement.
Be written in literary present tense.
Include a Works Cited containing only the poems information.

Do not use first person pronouns unless they are quotations from the poem.
Do not use secondary sources.  You may only use the poems and study materials I provided for you.
Do not simply follow the structure of the poem.  You should organize materials according to poetic devices.