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Each and every one of us is a hero in our own lives. Like the heroes in our myths this week we are all on a quest for our own grail. In this assignment you have the opportunity to explore your own quest. Have fun with this….Create a Word Document in which you answer the following questions with at least 50 to 75 words. Make sure to include the questions as part of your response. You can use them as headings. Make sure your paper is in APA format with proper headings and page numbers and in-text citations and references if needed. You may write in first person for this assignment.
1. What are you questing for in your life right now? For example it could be your degree or a mate or a new job or somethingelse….Give specific details.
2. Every hero has a trusty steed that takes him/her forward in the quest. What/Who is your trusty steed? Be very specific.
3. What dragons do you have to face on your quest? Are they internal? External? Both? Be very specific.
4. Every hero has a weapon like a sword. What is your sword? What helps you fight/tame your dragons? Be very specific.
5. Every hero has a shield. What is your shield? What symbols are on your shield that represents who you are? Remember you carry your shield with you out into the world. Be very specific. Explain what your symbols mean.
6. How will you benefit if you succeed in your quest? How will your community benefit by your heroic quest? Be very specific. For example you may discuss how your specific degree allows you to serve the community.
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