Physics and Psych Review

During Unit 6, you began to reflect on the topics of the first part of the course and how they connect to your studies. For this assignment, continue and expand that reflection to include all the modules of the course. Additionally, you will consider further connections to your personal and professional life.  Please write a 3-5 page paper that answers the following questions:

What are the most interesting or important things you have learned in Modules 1-7 of this course? Be sure to include 1-2 terms and concepts from each module.
How do physical science and the scientific method relate to your major area of study at TCSPP?  What scientific skills relate to your studies outside of science?
How will what you have learned in this course impact your life personally and/or professionally?

Be sure to provide at least 2-3 citations (go beyond the textbook!) using APA format to support your ideas.

Uploading original reflection
Listing Modules 1-7
1. Nature of Science
Scientific Method in Action
2. Forces, Energy, and Motion
3. Electricity and Magnetism
Waves and Light
4. Atoms
Molecules and Mixtures
5. Chemical Reactions

6.  Earths Surface and Interior
Earths Atmosphere
7. Solar System, Stars, and Galaxies
Physical Science Topics and The Universe