Persuasive Essay

I would like you to write two persuasive essays about the ability of a Company to control the duty of an employee when they are not working.  Can a company regulate what an employee does when not at work?  I want you to specifically address a couple of situations in both of your essays.  Can a company fire you for using Marijuana while on vacation in Nevada (Where it is legal)?  Can a company fire you for drinking alcohol?  What could/should a company do if someone has posted on social media that one of your employees has committed a sexual assault?  No police reports or allegations have ever been filed.  Would your answer change if it was alleged to have happen while employed by you but not at work?  What if it was 15 years before he was hired? 

You will write one essay supporting the ability of a company to control a workers off duty behavior and another essay against a Company controlling an employees private life.  You will need to use the current laws, facts, etc. in your argument.  Your personally views do not matter as you need to do both sides, but you can incorporate personal beliefs if you wish.  Yes you are required to write persuasively and passionately for BOTH sides no matter how you personally feel about the issue.  The extra credit will be worth 15 points.  Yes if you made 140 points on the exam you would still receive all 15 points.  Follow the rules carefully this will be graded so you may not receive the full 15 points.  Any insufficient submissions will receive a zero. 

The rules submit two pages 1 page supporting and 1 page against.  You can go over by up to a page but each side should be similar in link (within 50 words)

Must be submitted in Word format – Use 1 margins, Double Spaced, Size 11 font, Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman Font, State your Name and 2371 at the top on one line, File Name should be 2371 EC2 (Your Name)