Overuse of Social Media


ASSIGNMENT: Please produce a social issue advocacy campaign proposal to influence opinion and the formation of public policy, as well as, raise awareness of the issue and directly engage policy influencers or mobilize grassroots action. This final assignment asks you to creating proposal for social issue advocacy activism/advocacy campaign for a specific issue, a target audience, and a nonprofit organization to receive funding for a project that you will develop (in theory if not in practice).

In developing this assignment, please keep in mind a project that you and your group could actually implement. While you should be creative, and innovative you should be realistic as to what goals, objectives, strategies, activities you propose the budge and timeline for your project. Draw on your experience as a creative and develop a visually and theoretically contextualized proposal.

DETAILS: The DRAFT Project Proposal assignment has two components:

A 1 page written report (275) with the following:
Project Title(Overuse of Social Media)
Background and Summary of Project proposal topic (identify the issue you plan to address).
Provide an overview of the social issue and the related policy.
Rationale (reason for choosing your topic).
Recommendation for collective action and theory of change.
Strategies for Inform and Engage your target policymaking audience (who are you trying to influence?);
Strategies for Educated and Engage your target activist audience (who are you mobilizing to take action?);
Discuss what you are asking your activists to do and exactly how you will get them to do it (how will you pitch the social action agenda to activists? what actions do you want them to take?);
Present mock-up of a website, text for email messages, #hashtag, blog, tweets & Instagram (other platform) that is part of the advocacy campaign;
Discuss metrics for success (what will you measure? what does success look like?); and
Discuss budget and timeline for launching and implementing the advocacy campaign.
Research Review: Analysis of Research/Data Used
References and Bibliography