Othello Act 5

Read the Othello Act 5 and Answer all the questions below.

1.What plan does Iago involve Roderigo in at the beginning of scene I? Why does Iago get Roderigo involved in the first place?

2.How does Roderigo die?

3.Othello finally kills Desdemona in scene II. How does he do it?

4.On page 1052, Emilia enters (scene II, line 108). In the pages that follow, Emilia is empowered and finds her voice. She is the one who ultimately reveals all of Iagos scheming. Briefly summarize these pages leading up to the moment Iago kills her (line 244). What are some of the things she says that empower her?

5.After Iago is caught for his crimes, what does he ironically say he will never do again? What does Gratiano say he will do to him?

6.What does Othello do to himself at the end of the play? Do you feel that he has redeemed himself for his actions?