Considering the idea of monsters, pick one story and identify the monster. Then, define monster according to your theory of the story. In your intro, consider the following questions: how does this monster function? (for example: war, mental illness, blind acceptance…) How or why is this monster effective? How does this monster impact society as a whole? Is there anyone in the story who might see this monster as a hero? How or why? What forces oppose this monster? Would “feeding” this monster have a positive or negative impact on any of the characters? What literary devices help you identify this monster and feel that pain/thrill/terror of this monsters impact?

In the body of the essay. explain how/why the characters in the story are affected by this monster. What impact does this monster have on the individual? On the community? On society as a whole?

In your conclusion, consider the impact of this monster not only in the story that you are discussing but in real life as well.

Here is the link of the story I chose